4 definitions by Lakewood303

Misspelling of the word “Fuckboy” that has its own meaning.
Guy 1- Don’t be a fuckbot
Guy 2- Fuck Fuckbots, theyre nothing but robots. Always in my way with their robot moves.
Guy 1- Bro you gave it a new meaning I guess you’re not a fuckbot
by Lakewood303 June 06, 2020
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A movement recognizing all the good and under appreciated moves black women make to better their family and community.
Kinesha Jackson: Gurl did you hear Deondre broke ass locked up again and Sharnice picked up a second job to feed the kids

Trimeeka Page: Wowwww that don’t surprise me, she be just fine working those two jobs on top of volunteering at the church she don’t need his punk ass no way. This why we out here Black Wives Matter

Kinesha Jackson: I know that’s right
by Lakewood303 July 03, 2020
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Slang for pussy, also a Vietnamese first name.
Example 1: I’m going clubbing this weekend, I really hope I can get some Pootytang it’s been a bit of a dry spell.

Example 2: I have pre-calc with Pootytang Patathong, he’s a really sharp kid with a badass name.
by Lakewood303 July 01, 2020
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Guy 1- Bruv tell me why at da bash Courtney totes pulled me in da bedroom by my Dingy Dong Thing
Guy 2- Churchhhh
by Lakewood303 March 28, 2020
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