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A Liam Rees is usually male and likes to anonymously send random homosexual porn links to innocent people all over the internets, a Liam Rees can also be used to describe the weather. Sometimes you can spot a Liam Rees in it's natural habitat, this usually consists of public bins, abandoned lorries, hay stacks and Lady GaGa's panties.
example 1 ''it's Liam Rees today isn't it'' ''why yes, yes it is''

example 2 ''damn that Liam Rees, he sent me another video!!''
by L.K.Rowling June 25, 2010
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A Joanne Evans is an ancient greek mythical Goddess who was infamous for her attractiveness and godly influence, everyone obeyed her and her word was final, to this day every Joanne Evans alive is a beautiful, attractive woman and any man would take her. Sometimes the term 'Joanne Evans' can be used when talking about something extremely beautiful or attractive or a metaphor.
Dude 1: ''Omg look at her, I would''
Dude 2: ''totally, she's so Joanne Evans''

Teacher: ''Today class we're going to write a story about a princess, can anyone find a good word to describe her beauty?''
Pupil: ''Joanne Evans, miss?''
Teacher: ''excellent! I see a bright future for you child''
by L.K.Rowling December 04, 2011
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a Jade Withers is a superstar wannabe, or it can be used to describe a penis. A Jade Withers can also be used in terms of sex positions or as an alias. Most people by the name of Jade Withers are sexually orientated and get drunk in beach parties, they usually go for English \ Irish men and ginger people. Be cautious of Jade withers as they can be aggressive.
example 1 ''look at the size of my Jade Withers''

Example 2 ''is it me or is she a Jade Withers?''
by L.K.Rowling June 25, 2010
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