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A tank top usually white
Yo' it's hot as shit outside. I think Ima put on my wife beater.
by L-boogie June 22, 2003

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A person who takes extremely long showers, usually in excess of 3 hours, and almost always uses up all the hot water.

Also see shower terrorist
Man, Bagha's such a water terrorist, he's been in there for 4 hours. All the hot water's probably gone.
by L-Boogie January 16, 2005

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The ramblings of passengers, usually drunk, in the back of a taxi cab captured on the vehicle's surveilance camera.

Also the name of a popular documentary series on HBO.
Man, you were hella purved last night on the cab ride home. We should call the cab company and get a tape of your taxicab confessions.
by L-Boogie January 15, 2005

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A pair of tennis shoes made by nike
I just got me some wifee airs from the shoe store.
by L-boogie June 22, 2003

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