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A question that is asked not to find information but with the intent to cause an emotional reaction from the person being asked.

The questioner asks usually in an emotional state provoking an emotional response. The questioner loads the question the way a soldier would load ammunition into a rifle; hence the question is loaded
But Rev. Al Sharpton, what about the Tawana Brawley case?

Knowing how Rev. Sharpton responds to any mention of that name, any question asking him about her would be a loaded question posed to cause him embarassment.

Question: Why are you such a crybaby?
Answer: You don't really want to know why I am a crybaby, you're just trying to make fun of me!

Do you know how to answer a f!@#ing phone?

by KyleB May 2, 2006
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adj. The act of vomiting into an alcoholic beverage and then drinking it.
He quanolinificated his vodka & orange.
by KyleB December 5, 2015
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