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A boy who's name is carter hall a child who doesn't confront the situations he puts himself into he just sits on the side lines being the pussy ass bitch that he is
Wow carter is such a pussy ass bitch not breaking up with dylan like he should of
by KutTutANutGut January 19, 2021
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Elizabeth is the best friend anyone could ever ask for. She has had sadness in her soul for as long as she can remember, so it's sometimes hard for her to recognize the great warmth in her heart but it's there. She will always underestimate just how incredibly amazing she is. Its hard not to fall in love with someone so beautiful inside and out.
I couldn't imagine my life without elizabeth.
by KutTutANutGut February 5, 2018
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Elizabeth is the love of my life she is more beautiful, unique, adorible, exciting, and Just absolutely crazy sexy then anyone could imagine one girl to be. you will never be able to express just how much you love her in words alone so actions is your best bet to win her heart. she desurves the world so give it to her.
I've never met anyone in my life like you Elizabeth.
by KutTutANutGut March 4, 2019
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