51 definition by Kristin

Bad code that works but is barely readable, overly complex and unmaintainable.
This code is a total kludge!
by Kristin October 08, 2001

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a female;opposite of dude
That dudette is so hot.
by Kristin December 11, 2003

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Something no one will ever really know.
why am i the way i am
by Kristin January 10, 2004

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a peanut butter and marshmallow cream sandwhich! MMmmmmm MMMmmmmmm good.
I'll have a fluffer nutter for lunch.
by Kristin April 12, 2003

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To beat the crap out of something, like they do to the copy machine in the movie Office Space
your car isn't working? you should Office Space it!
by Kristin July 23, 2004

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spanish for "poop"
there's no way you have to ca-ca AGAIN!
by kristin April 29, 2003

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derived from the frustrations of Hannah and Kristin, two first year college students living in the dorms and surviving on bland dorm food and the popular Easy Mac by Kraft foods.

Refers to the frustrating situation one encounters when attempting to satisfy hunger and craving with the Easy Mac snack.

The Paradox: One can eat one packet of Kraft Easy Mac and still be a little bit hungry and craving more of the cheesy and delightful snack, yet if one prepares two packets in hopes of avoiding this hunger and craving at the end of his snack, he finds himself fully overwhelmed by the cheesiness of the snack that the craving seemingly dwindles even before one packet has been devoured.

Either be left wanting more. Or disgusted too soon. You just can't win with the Easy.
check please, my life everyday
by Kristin April 15, 2005

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