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re-screwing a person you've already had a one-night-stand with, simply because the bar you were in was closing and you were desperate for a fuck. Especially used in towns with Taquerias.
"OK, don't laugh: but I had to settle for refried love last night. The bar was playing the get-out-song and I had to settle for... I forgot their name again. Man, was I desperate!"
by KremeDeMentia January 02, 2010

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The new drag name of Vernon L. Reed, of San Francisco, who got his shit stolen and felt like chopping off the hands of the thief, despite the former's propensity for peacefulness and love.
Vernon ducked into the phone booth at the sight of the liquor store robbery and came out in his burka and his alter-ego, Sharia Law.
by KremeDementia January 07, 2012

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A hideously terrible song that's used by certain sadistic DJs to drive out the club's patrons so that the DJ and staff can clean up and go home.
"Heh, heh. I played "I've never been to me" as the Get-Out-Song at the Rathskellar last night. It cleared out the place in 10 seconds flat! But the doorman got curbed on the way out."
by KremeDeMentia January 02, 2010

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Clusters of straight people, over-populators really, who tend to clog up certain venues you'd like to go to, and who usually have their bawling, sniveling brats in tow. They're LOUD, VERY LOUD! with a surfeit of laughter and are yeasty with the stench of stale wine hanging over them like the pall of DEATH. They're always in your way.
We wanted to eat a nice meal at my favorite restaurant, but were repulsed by the legions of cackling breederatti and their unsupervised larvae who were partying there. So we ended up microwaving dietetic frozen meals at home instead.
by KremeDeMentia July 11, 2010

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The words scrumptious and yummy had sex and scrummers is their love-child. Not only a descriptive of that which is ultimately delicious to the mouth, but an exclamation of certain gays upon encountering a particularly hunky man, usually accompanied by an agitation of hands and said with a squeal.
"Oh looky over there, Ms. Thang! Break me off a piece of that man-cake. Somebody's been working out. That is one stud that I find SCRUMMERS!", or, "The disguised food critic caused all the patrons of the restaurant to turn around ogle when he screached, 'SCRUMMERS!' over the Lard Pie he had just tasted."
by KremeDeMentia January 10, 2010

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