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A combination of cool, awesome, nifty, and crazy.
Man, that roller coaster was nift.
I wish i was as nift as that guy.
by Krankenstein May 13, 2009

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A when a serve in tennis goes completely out of the court, landing nowhere near the square where it should land in.
Gosh Brandon, your fault fuck almost hit me in the face!
I dont know what happened today, I fault fucked 5 times.
by Krankenstein May 19, 2009

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1. Too be screwed over in a situation

2. a more subtle substitute for the word "fucked"

3. To be insulted, bashed, or otherwise served in a non-physical way
The kid was late for his meeting, he turned around and walked away and said, "RAWLF!"
by Krankenstein May 21, 2009

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