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Acronym for "suck my dick"
smd fag.
by Kola January 26, 2003

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Name of the individual with the largest, thicket, healthiest penis on the planet. Often used when comparing other penis sizes.
Girl 1: His penis was huge! Probably almost 1/10 of a Lochlan!
Girl 2: Whoa, that's almost 9 inches right?
by Kola January 27, 2003

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Acronym for "Eat My Shit"
Yeah, well you can EMS!
by Kola January 26, 2003

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1) The catergorized emergence of subatomically charged particles over a neon substicle.
2) Touching
3) In accordance to the laws of a remotely unknown, or undiscovered plain, they may also lower the chances of such random occurences and other such Slime Ball
Oh man, what a steel!
by Kola March 31, 2003

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