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Everyone's favorite 5 year-old Vietnamese boy who is a real doctor from America, with a PhD in KICKING YOUR ASS!
Here comes... DR. TRAN!
by Knutemund Freud May 18, 2006

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The Japanese verb for "to die." Often used as a command.
Shinu! (Die!)

Kisama! Shinu!
by Knutemund Freud May 10, 2006

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1. To sneak up on someone in order to scare them, especially when deriving sick amounts of pleasure from the act.

2. A slang term from an illegal alien from the British Isles, espcially Ireland.
1. Ah codwallace! Why do you keep on McKeowning me you sick bastard?!

2. Hey, I heard O'Grady's visa was cancelled.
Yeah? Man, he is such a McKeown now!
by Knutemund Freud May 10, 2006

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A swear word popularized by the Irishman David McKeown. No one is really sure what it means, but it could be a euphemism for "God damn."
After losing his game of Super Mario 3:

Ah, codwallace!
by Knutemund Freud May 07, 2006

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