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Theolalite is just a word to describe someone with Gnosis (intuitive knowledge), who has full connection to their own Higher Self. Theola=Divine, Lite=Light. They carry the Divine spark within them, ignited by their compassion and the truth.

Theola is Greek for Divine.

Gnostic Theolalites believe - Do whatever you want, worship whatever you want, believe anything you want, so long as it hurts no one else and you don't force your views on anyone else.
On reaching a high level of spiritual attainment Sarah ignited her Divine Inner Light and became a Theolalite.

Theolalites are altruistic and want to live in harmony with nature.
by KnowingOne May 25, 2013
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A word first coined by Gnostic Bishop Tau Tia L Douglass in 2007.

Made up from the word SIMian and PeopPLE = Simple

Those whose genes are from simians, mixed with those of first humans to evolve.
Simples are of low intelligence and these make up the vast majority of the human population. They can not think for themselves, they need to be told what to do in all areas of life. They can be caring towards others, or violent depending on up bringing and mix of genes.

Another word for - Sheeple.

A Simple is - A person of low intelligence who can not think for themselves.

Simples - A group of people who can not think for themselves.
The Simples watch the news on TV and believe all of it, without question.

Talking to a Simple about world events, is like talking to a brick wall.
by KnowingOne May 25, 2013
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A filthy rude person that commonly emits stench, both verbal and physical. Unlike some beliefs pusbag does NOT relate to an act of being pussy or a coward. Its a combination of words Pus - (a yellow-white fluid a due to infection) and a Bag. Calling a person pusbag gives them consistency of containing nothing but filth, disease and shit.
Jabba the Hut - he's a huge pusbag
Moe Sizlack - nothing good ever comes out from that one...
by Knowingone June 24, 2011
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