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Sucking up to; to be someone's bitch or make yourself look inferior to someone, just to earn their respect or get something tangible in return.
1: That guy was totally 'dick riding' that rapper because he was hoping to get noticed.

2: That lady is a total 'dick rider', every time she sees someone with a hunk of cash she'll try to sleep with them.
by Klienmahn November 05, 2007

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Ubuntu is a distribution of Linux.
Some good points of Ubuntu are:

-It has decent package manager.
-It has very good repositories.
-It is easy to use.
-It comes with good freeware by default.
-It has many sub-distributions to choose from.
-It is easy to install.
-It has some nice utilities.
-It is decently easy to configure.
-It can be loaded from a fully functional Live CD or installed on your hard drive.
-It has lots of packages available to suit your needs that can be downloaded with a few clicks.

Some people think Linux is "copying" Windows, its not.
Some people say Linux is a religion, its not (although there is a large Linux community)
Some people insist that Linux is HARD to use compared to Windows, it isn't, it is just different.
1: Mike was so happy with his decision to install Ubuntu on his computer.

2: Jim installed Kubuntu because he preferred KDE over Gnome.

3: I think people have to come to the realization that there isn't a "best OS", they all have their own good qualities.
by Klienmahn November 07, 2007

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Abbreviation for Operating System

A good list of popular Operating Systems are listed here (taken from "www.bellevuelinux.org"):
Mac OS X
Microsoft Windows
Palm OS

An operating system is the main software that runs a computer, without an operating system a computer is almost useless.

There is no best operating system, they all have their advantages/disadvantages and were all developed with some kind of goal in mind.
1: All the company's servers used Unix (OS), but now they use Linux (OS).

2: George had a quadruple boot with multiple OSs running on his PC, it ran Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate, Mac OS X Leopard, and two flavors of Linux.
by Klienmahn November 08, 2007

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To fall behind; someone who is mentally slow trails a lot... someone who says something dumb or irrelevant is trailing. Trailing can also be used anywhere where you would use the words crazy, tripping, or trippin'. Trail can be used anywhere where you would use the word trife.

Trailing can also be written or said as trailin'.
Adam: I like cows.
Tim: Dude, you must be TRAILIN' (trailing)!

Lisa: That new pair of shoes is totally trail!
by Klienmahn November 10, 2007

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Google scripts. Google offers a wide variety of search arguments.
1: I used "intitle:index of" to look for some files in a directory somewhere on the internet, Google-Fu is awesome.

2: I used Google-Fu to find unsecured cameras on the web!
by Klienmahn November 29, 2007

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