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A person who only uses akimbo rangers on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. They aren't very skilled at the game, so that is all they do. This is the gaming equivalent of a complete douche bag. Because nobody likes them.
Player 1: Wow. There is a power ranger on their team.

Player 2: Oh yeah. I killed him like 10 times already.
by Kkenny May 22, 2010

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State of mind when, around April, Jesuit students will DGAF. The student will cease to care about anything except light saber fights in the near future. He will rely on God to guide him to safe terms end. This is sometimes confused with extreme denial.
A combination of the Jesuit term AMDG and DGAF.
Student 1: Dude, Shouldn't you be studying for Mr. Damaso's final?

Student 2: I'll be fine, I AMDGAF.
by Kkenny May 23, 2010

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