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If you feel strongly against something or a very deep hatred for event in question. Fuck that noise is a way of saying no chance, no way an event is "going down"
Matt: Jay man, let's hit up The OC this weekend?
Jay: Fuck that noise, too many chochs...
Matt: Word, fuckin lames...
by King Jay March 10, 2008

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Most Valuable Drunk refers to the member of your crew that can be counted on each time he or she is wasted for severeal things:
1)They will make several questionable jokes
2)They will promise things without thinking, sometimes with no possible positive outcome
3)They will always be the life of the party, whether people are laughing at them, or with them
Eric: Yo how did this shit even get started...I don't wanna have a team fight with these ninja's, who got us into this shit?
Matt: Sighhh...It was our MVD, at work again...
Jay: You guys need me, im the Most Valuable Drunk! They're not that fast...
by king jay March 27, 2008

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Germ Donor:(Not to be mistaken with Sperm Donor) During the cold season,when someone coughs or sneezes in a public area, germs invariably follow and latch onto the nearest unknowing receiver.
Matt: Cough, cough...Ugh I've got a tewwible code.
Jay: I know, cover your damn mouth you Germ Donor.
Matt: Sowwy...
by King Jay January 06, 2009

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If garbage day is a long way off, the act of pushing, crunching and smashing down the top of the garbage pile so you don't have to replace it.
Matt: Yo man, why don't you ever take out the garbage?
Jay: Because I'm better at the garbage smash...
Matt: sigh...
by King Jay November 14, 2007

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This refers to a weekend (or evening perhaps) that is so low key and lacking in events that on a volume scale it is undectable to humans...just like a dog's whistle.
Matt: How was your weekend man?
Jay: Effing horrible. Friday night my ride bailed and Saturday/Sunday I stayed in studying...my weekend was so low key only the dogs were aware.
Matt: Ahh you had a dog whistle weekend...lame.
by King Jay March 09, 2008

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Soon time is a good answer to use when people are streesing for a respone. It basically means that they needn't worry and act in question will happen asap.
Matt: Yo guy we gotta pay out rent, when you gonna get the money?
Jay: Soon time...
Matt: Word son, glad to hear it.
by King Jay March 11, 2008

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t9word of god: people who text religiously believe that if the word they are attempting to text is not in their personal default t9word dictionary, it is not a real word.
Matt: Jay I'm telling you man, this is a word...
Jay: I don't care man...aswell isn't in my t9word and I consistently have to type it in letter by letter, thereofre it doesn't exist!
Matt: I need a new roomate...
Jay: t9word of god, relgion is what you make of it!
by King Jay March 10, 2008

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