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Someone or a group of people, possibly a family that spend all their time in the garage with the door open for the world to see. They meet others, eat, drink, entertain, socialize, hang out, smoke cigs and generally live in the garage. Cars are not allowed in the garage and the garage dweller can be seen standing in the open garage area at all hours. There is usually a fridge in the garage and most food is ordered and delivered to the garage. There is a larger structure attached to the garage that is of no use to the garage dweller.
That family dosent need a house they are just a bunch of garage dwellers.
by Kevin C. Chiappone February 09, 2006
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Someone that has a vague opinion of their own but chooses to forward every negative email about the subject to everyone on their email list. The "email warrior" never actually takes action to make anything better or stand up for their beliefs and the forwarded email is never actually written by the "email warrior". The "email warrior" is the most annoying type of spammer because they are usually a friend.
I got another government sucks email from xxxx the email warrior. Fifth one in two days. If he feels so strongly about it why dosen't he get off his ass and do something more than forward emails all the time?
by Kevin C. Chiappone May 02, 2010
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1. A lesbian reference when specifically wanting to note the breasts of another lesbian.
2. A Lesbian that is mainly interested in breasts.
3. A straight woman that spends an above average amount of time admiring other womens breasts.
All that straight girl ever talks about is other girls boobs, she must be a breastbian.

Yeah she is a lesbian but all she really wants is to play with boobs, she is a real breastbian.
by Kevin C. Chiappone November 04, 2012
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