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a garage dweller is a person or so call friend that was down on their luck and homeless at the moment and say their only going to stay at your house for a few days and end up living in your garage forever and they just to seem to multiply
Are any of your friends going to get a job or do they just want to be garage dwellers
by val lane June 24, 2007
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Someone or a group of people, possibly a family that spend all their time in the garage with the door open for the world to see. They meet others, eat, drink, entertain, socialize, hang out, smoke cigs and generally live in the garage. Cars are not allowed in the garage and the garage dweller can be seen standing in the open garage area at all hours. There is usually a fridge in the garage and most food is ordered and delivered to the garage. There is a larger structure attached to the garage that is of no use to the garage dweller.
That family dosent need a house they are just a bunch of garage dwellers.
by Kevin C. Chiappone February 09, 2006
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a person who dwells in a garage. usually a white middle age man with a family, who enjoys drinking cheap beer in the solitude of his open garage.

i was under the impression that this term was coined by my dad, for he was the only one i had ever heard use it. but i have come to terms with the fact that other people use it too.
those fuckin' garage dwellers are staring at us again.
by yokahanapoopeepants July 30, 2007
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