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The remains of wood, coal, oil, or of any other flammable substance - after being burned.
Made mostly of carbon, it is black in color, and very fine in texture.
"Sweep the soot out of the fireplace, please."
"That chimney-sweep better get all the soot off of him before he comes to the door!"
by Kenjoki Ikari January 26, 2005

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An Invisibob is a special avatar glitch from Gaia Online. This avatar glitch was only possible on April Fools' Day of 2004.

Since the YGS, or "You got Served" boxes, exploded in your avatar's face, it looked like there was soot on it.

The Administrators had planned for it to go away after 24 hours, but it didn't - they'd stay until you saved changes to your avatar. Thus, this led to two types of rare avatars: the Sootfaces and Invisibobs.

An Invisibob was created by deleting your avatar data, then clicking on a YGS box. The resulting explosion glitched the avatar system and forced your avatar to go to the default base - a Soot-face and a pair of floating boxers.

...See one on Gaia Online, by doing a search in the memberlist for "Sevi Rais.".
"Sevi Rais", "Weeping Willow", and "Teh Ghost of Bap" are all Invisibobs.
I wish I were an Invisibob. Instead I'm an Invisibob Wannabe.
by Kenjoki Ikari January 26, 2005

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Uncle Crimbo is the Santa Claus-type figure of the Kingdom of Loathing.

Even though he doesn't have any children, nor any brothers or sisters, he's still an uncle. Purely by the magic of Crimbo.

Unfortunately, Uncle Crimbo has recently had some drinking problems, and his disgruntled little elves are tired of being exploited and forced to work in the Factory sweatshop wherein all Crimbo toys are made.
Uncle Crimbo stopped by my campground and left this groovy Advent Calendar. Boss.


Oh sweet Jick, Uncle Crimbo can make Teddy Bears now!
by Kenjoki Ikari December 25, 2005

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A person who hangs out on Message boards - but specifically in the "Questions and Feedback" area of said Message boards.

Other forms:
Mod-wannabe ((derogatory))
"Dude, you're such a QnFer! Step out of there once in a while!"
by Kenjoki Ikari November 23, 2004

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A special avatar as a result of Gaia Online's "April Fools' Day 2004" YGS box event.

Your avatar's face became covered with soot, and it remained for the entire day.

A Sootface will revert to its previous condition after saving changes to the avatar, but some users liked the look and decided to keep it.

This status was intended to be temporary, and therefore CANNOT be recovered after it is gone.

...See also Invisibob, as they are directly related to the Sootface.
Oh no! My Sootface! Curse you, avatar server!
I love my Sootface!
by Kenjoki Ikari January 26, 2005

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Derogatory form of QnFer.

User when a user asking a question of "The Mods and ONLY the Mods" gets a legitimate response answering their question from a QnFer, instead of a Mod.

Occasionally used in jest by other QnFers.
"Dude, shut up! Stupid Mod-wannabe!"

"Ohh noo, watch out! The big, bad Mod-wannabe is gonna get you!"
by Kenjoki Ikari November 23, 2004

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A wannabe Invisibob is basically someone who can't be an Invisibob, but wants to be.
Therefore, they wear normal clothes, yet hide their face so as to remember our radioactive, floating, boxer-shorted, invisible friends.

...See Gaia Online.
"Kenjoki, you are SUCH a Wannabe Invisibob!"
"You are an Invisibob Wannabe. Take off those masks."
by Kenjoki Ikari January 25, 2005

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