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Dublin slang for female genitalia
The whack of her gee was brutal
-her vagina didn't smell very nice
by Kells April 02, 2003

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Carefree lifestyle unbounded by convention.

If you're an artist, musicain, anarchist, or pot-smoker you're probably a bohemian.

Watch Moulin Rouge, Rent, or La Vie Boheme to see examples.
1- "Freedom, beauty, truth and love!"
2- "No day but today."
3- "Mamaaaa just killed a maaaan..."
by Kells April 29, 2005

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A time of day. Can be anywhere between 7 PM and 3 AM.
Cody: "Say, Dan, will you be online at say.... starcraft?"
by Kells March 03, 2005

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She is the hottest girl around and will always be there for you. She is amazing, gorgeous, funny, sweet, everything a guy could want in a girl. No other girl could ever compete with her, and she will always be someone's number one. She always makes your head turn as she passes you buy in the hall. She is like a magnet for your eyes. she is like a rainbow on a cloudy day, or a sun rise after a dark night. When she walks in a dark room she lights up the entire room just with her smile. when you see her you can not help but wish you had her in your arms. She has the most beautiful eyes you wish you could just sit and stare into them for hours on end. She has a beautiful body and anyone who doesn't have her is jealous of the guy that does. The guy that has her knows he is not good enough for her, for nobody is good enough for her she is an angel that fell from heaven and no normal guy, like anyone on this planet, can ever hope to have her. she is a goddess among humans. She is everything!!
morrissa turning heads as she walks by .
by kells December 19, 2013

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Bracelets, that look like jelly.

</end definition>
My bracelet is a jell ybracelet. Go me.
by Kells February 12, 2005

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Just an ordinary girl who enjoys music and life. She's just a girl who wants to have a good time and party with friends. She's also known to talk in a ghetto accent. Yes, that's the one right thurr. She believe's she's destined to marry either Billy Martin or Frank Iero.
Kells was dancing around her room to Good Charlotte and My Chemical Romance. "Yeah Ma. I'll be right thurr."
by Kells February 11, 2005

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