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Noun: Tourons: A word combining two words (tourists and morons. ) Seasonal Visitors, mostly old who drive slow and stop for no apparent reason.

Adj: The Tourons are here and traffic is backed up for miles.
"I went to the mall and the fucking parking lot was full of Tourons."

"Why did he stop in the middle of the road?" "He is a Touron and too old to read the street signs."

"Damn, now that it is cooler all the Tourons will be here soon."
by Kelebrinlith April 04, 2010

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Dreamover is the feeling the lingers after a vivid dream. Also called a "Dream Hangover."
My dream last night was so real I have been having a serious "Dreamover" all day.

I dreamed a rabid dog bit me and my "Dreamover" is so real it still hurts today.

I had a dream about your wife last night and my "Dream Hangover" has made me horny all day today.
by Kelebrinlith April 08, 2010

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ru·gose   roo-gohs, roo-gohs Show IPA
having wrinkles; wrinkled; ridged.
Botany. rough and wrinkled: applied to leaves in which the reticulate venation is very prominent beneath, with corresponding creases on the upper side.

1695–1705; < L rūgōsus wrinkled. See ruga, -ose1
I look for rugosities on the rock face to smear on to when I am rock climbing.
by Kelebrinlith March 07, 2010

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Slang, Modifier: A word or phrase that when spoken is so ridiculous it makes the speaker sound retarded or ignorant.
What you just said is totally redonkulous!
by Kelebrinlith March 22, 2010

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