3 definitions by Kayaluki!!!

A way of saying something is messed up or went wrong.
Woman:"What's wrong?"

Woman's best friend:"I stubbed my toe, now it's all cock-eyed."

Wife: "Is the new table ready to be brought in?"

Husband:"No, I broke a screw now it's all cock-eyed"
by Kayaluki!!! September 5, 2009
A gift usually given around Christmas or birthdays, to a single friend. Consists of lacy panties, matching bra, and flirty thigh high socks (optional) all bundled inside a wine bag in hopes of helping her luck in getting a boyfriend.
Girl 1: My best friend has really been bummed since her boyfriend dumped her.

Girl 2: Maybe you should make her a Get a boyfriend bag.
by Kayaluki!!! December 14, 2009
Girl 1: "Did you break up with your boyfriend?"

Girl 2: "No, he said he was sorry for forgetting my birthday."

Girl 1: "Gag a maggot with a spoon."
by Kayaluki!!! October 24, 2009