A painful and loud bowel movement, containing loose poop with many gas bubbles causing a "Brapt!" sound as it exits. Often the cracks, snaps and splatters of the brapt are accompanied by heavy breathing and moans of pain. The pain can be caused by cramps or the sting of the brapt it's self.

If you catch someone brapt'ing at work, acknowledge by exclaiming "Brapt Brapt!" or "Brrrrrapt!" as they pass by.
"Bob is in stall 2 brapt'ing, he sounds like he is really struggling, you should go listen. He's a champ. Be careful, it smells something fierce."
by Kavka February 25, 2007
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brapt comes from the sport of motocross when every bike was two stroke before the turn of the millenium.
Brrapt is the onomatapeia used when jumping or drivng something such as a golf cart or a bicycle.
It is the sound the dirt bike make s when excelerated off the lip of a jump.
Brrapt brrrrapt, brap brap, brap, brrrrrrapt(as you go around the track or just make the sound with your mouth during common day activities such as raking the yard)

and in the whoops it is: brra ba ba ba ba ba ba ba bap
by Jonny Donut June 4, 2004
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