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The Tea pot Princess
When a person is spoiled, stuck up, or just plain stupid
Damn Teapot princess! YOU all are bullshitters all of YOu
by Kavi February 13, 2005
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It is a friendly greeting or something you just say when its awkwardly quiet. Or your just plain confused >.<
Bako! The bako!
Bako >.<
by Kavi February 13, 2005
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When two girls get pleasantly plump from eating too many chicken nuggets, tots, smiley fries, and candy, and also get drunk off of too many margaritas while drinking the occasional starbucks. Keep in mind that a plump’n’drunk evening will involve at least one girl shitting her stomach out from drinking to much starbucks coffee, she will more than likely develop a fear of constipation better know as Coprastasophobia.
Girl1: Want to have a plump'n'drunk night?

Girl2: Sure, as long as you take the fear of constipation, cause I did it last time.

Girl1: Perfect. lets make some margaritas!
by KaVi January 26, 2014
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1.A punce is a dick/pussy licker
2.A bisexual
"Yo punce, fuck off bitch"
"Wow, your a punce?"
by Kavi July 18, 2004
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