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Håkon is a norwegian name. If your name is håkon you probably have the biggest dick of your friend group, and probably goes around and says it to everyone. You're very handsome and kind, you have all the hot girls hanging around you 24/7 because of your good humor and big vibes.
Girl: let's go to håkon, he has such a good vibe
Other girl: yes i love spending time with him

Girl: ive heard he has the biggest dick!
by Karoline.ig November 11, 2020
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21 november is the date where all the bad bleeps are born, these are the prettiest and thickest people on earth. If you hava this birthday, everyone loves you.
Girl: look at that thick ass right there!
Other girl: she is probably born on the 21 november
by Karoline.ig November 11, 2020
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