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a deodorant that tobi vail wore, kurt cobain dated vail at the time he wrote the song. when vail and cobain were at his house kathleen hanna took a can of spray paint and wrote that "kurt smells like teen spirit", that vail had worn off on cobain. kathleen hanna was in the band bikini kill with vail.
by cait December 08, 2003
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An extremely delicious deoderent, No white residue, and antiperspirant! Everyone should have it! xD

*Contains Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex Glycine complex. And other words you don't understand, and the company probably doesn't either.*

Push up bottem before every use of Teen Spirit Stick. ...Not your ass, you dipshit. The bottom of the stick.
by KiKi May 15, 2004
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not caring for anything; apathy for everything and anything
"You have teen spirit" meaning you dont care about anything
by Sunny-D November 08, 2003
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