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This days, we'll all make our own ways to make things much easier such as this, ILYSM. Meaning; i love you so much.
Girl: Hey, i've realized that i really do love you, ilysm.
boy: ilysm too....
by KRONG-KRONG February 20, 2008

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When a person gets accidentally hurt, laughed at, and all that jazz. It is now used more often, specially on youtube, many videos are up just by typing in OWNED. Owned is now a new word to use instead of Embarrassment, humiliation, etc...
Boy gives a note to his girlfriend to her locker BUT it was a wrong locker, turns out that the locker belongs to girl that likes him. (see, he doesn't have a clue of what his done)
Boy chit-chatting with his friends...
The crushin' girl walks towards him...
Girl: hey, thanks for the letter, ofcourse i will be you valentine.. (giggles while blushing)
Boy: what letter?
Girl: don't be silly, the heart shaped that you slipped into my locker...?!?
Boy: Oh that, can i have it please? (confusedd???)
Girl: okay here....
Girl gives him the note, still blushing.
Boy: hey babe, (he yells across the room) here is your note, happy valentines day.
Everyone looks at the crushin'girl saying OWNED.
"ooooooo she just got owned.."

-A man cheats on his girlfriend (setting- mall)
Woman: are you fucking cheating on me?
Man: absolutely not baby.
Woman: then what the hell is this? (holding underwear that she found in his pocket)
Man: baby thats yours..
Woman makes a big scene, telling him its not hers...
SLAP!! everyone gasp, while looking..

by KRONG-KRONG February 20, 2008

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