14 definitions by KDIZZO

a specie who lurks in the streets of san francisco, so incredibly queer, he even makes gays boners droopy.
(on animal planet) oh my lord, we have spotted the homo unerectus. notice the pink jumpsuit, assless chaps, and a dildo up his ass.
by KDIZZO March 24, 2005
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one with an amazeingly huge sized head, usually with sloppy hair coming out of the sides of a hat.
did you see that yankees fan, that guy was a supernoggin
by KDIZZO March 13, 2005
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to take a montrous shit
damn man, all those burgers from white castle makes me need to give birth to a negro.... damn this ones fucking fat albert!!
by KDIZZO March 24, 2005
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fart worthy; a situation so fantastic, it deserves a fart.
son: i won first place in hurdles!!
father: gee son, thats fartastic
by KDIZZO March 13, 2005
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1The forever inferior team to the S.F. Giants that will terribly lose in 2005, and Gagne will choke on a pretzel and die. Fuck the blue and white!! (yankees suck ass too);2 a faggot
1. Giants 20 Dodgers 0 (winning pitcher: schmitd with a perfect game)
2. Go float on rainbows, hug trees, and sodomize eachother you dodgers!!
by KDIZZO March 13, 2005
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a fat ass who usually wears vibrant colors which show off their fattiness
damn, that bitch in fresh choice was such a blimp! she had like 4 plates of food!
by KDIZZO March 13, 2005
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something so cool and rad, it can only be described by a scientific name.
dude that chicks boobs were coolionesis!!!
by KDIZZO March 11, 2005
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