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Show that used to be good but then began to suck at the middle of the 2nd season. The only reason i watch...some of those bitches CANT SING A NOTE!
person 2: I dont know, but his career has lasted longer than the winners careers have!
by KA August 18, 2004
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1) Popular musician. Vocals and guitar for the band Nirvana. Died at the age of 27 due to a shotgun blast to the head.
2) Seat in the car that is behind shotgun. Since Cobain was beind a shotgun when he died, it got this name.
1) I wish Cobain wouldnt have killed himself.
2) Person 1: SHOTGUN!
Person 2: Aww shit, oh well. COBAIN!
by KA October 15, 2004
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Person who worships Kurt Cobain and says they LOVE Nirvana but they can't name the other members of the band, one album, or a song other than smells like teen spirit.
True story:

Me: *sees girl pick up nirvana shirt* hey you like nirvana?!
Girl: err yeah. like totally my favorite band!
Me: Cool, whats your favorite album?
Girl: Uhhhh i totally like them all?
Me: Fucker. you just got it because he *points at kurt* is hot.
Girl: *runs away while screaming* MOMMY THIS GIRL CUSSED!
by KA January 16, 2005
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1)Person that causes controversy.
2)Someone who kills their rock star legend husband
3)Ex Stripper who is, in fact, a whore.
Well thats my opinion...im sure some (retarded!) person out there likes her.
Recommend For Deletion:
Lyk omg courtneyy didnt kill kirt cas kurrt was sucideal!eleven111! coutney is inocent!!one!!11!1

by KA January 25, 2005
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Awesome song by the stone temple pilots, or stp
Im half the man i used to be...
by KA August 17, 2004
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n. someone who is not up to par; aka a loser}, a tool, or a douchebag

v. to screw over somebody
Why do you hang around that dude? He's such a floag.


That guy charged me for three beers? He totally floaged me.
by KA August 17, 2004
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