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HALF PAST FUCK is a colourful and expletive measurement of time or hour, most commonly indicating that the time in question is inconvenient or unreasonable to the party making use of the term.
"I had to get up for work at half past fuck this morning to make it to the new job site by 6.30am"

"I really can't be bothered going out tonight boys....I have a massive day on tomorrow and if I go out clubbing I will wind up drinking way too much and I won't get home until half past fuck either...too hard..."

"I got a call at bloody half past fuck last night from some offshore call centre."
by K9Guy October 06, 2009

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LCR- Lost Cultural Reference

A Lost Cultural Reference occurs when one refers to some element of a certain culture (or part thereof) during conversation, and the listener/s do not understand said reference.
Brad- "Hey Ingrid, did you see that bloke get punched in the mouth at the bar?! UNITY!!!!"

Ingrid- "Yeah, but what the hell is UNITY?"

Brad- "Oh it's from one of the Rick James epidsodes on Chapelle's Show."

Ingrid- "Oh OK, I've never seen that show..."

Brad- "Don't worry about it then, it's an LCR"
by K9Guy July 01, 2009

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A colloquial term believed to originate in Australia, this appetitive or complimentary term is commonly used in to describe:

- A slick, witty, well presented, and/or attractive person or object.

- It can also be used to describe an innovative approach to a difficult problem, where that solution requires guile, intelligence, or charm.

- An admirable deed or accomplishment.

- A thing of beauty or high value.
"I just got back from that job interview...they asked me a lot of difficult questions and I was getting flustered, but then I took a breath and pulled a griggsy, and they offered me a position on the spot!"

"Did you see that guy that talked to me at the club the other night? He was pretty griggsy, so I gave him my number and we are going out Wednesday night"

"Wow, did you see that guy catch that ball? It looked like he was going to drop it, I don't know how he did it, but he got pretty griggsy on that thing...it was awesome!"

"Isn't Jack's new car totally griggsy?!"
by K9GUY June 01, 2009

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DOWNTOWN FUCKTOWN is the absolute epicentre of fucktown.

Please see fucktown for a further description
"Were gonna take this situation to downtown fucktown here boys if you don't stop sitting on my car..."

"Oh mate is was terrible! She caught me in bed with her best friend....and she took it straight to downtown fucktown...cost me 2 hours in the emergency room with a fractured skull!"
by K9Guy October 06, 2009

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Used as an adjective, noun, and an insult, meatlick is a versatile composite word, directly implicating the insulted party has, will, or is highly likely to consentually be involved in the licking, sucking or oral fondling of erect male genitalia.

An extremely popular term in the southern and eastern regions of Australia, the term was originally heard in The Jerky Boys movie, released during the 1990's.
"Get fucked you fucken meatlick..."

"Sidney is such a fucking meatlick, if he sucks up to Rod any harder he'll have a knob in his throat..."

"You are nothing but a dirty poofter meatlick....you fucking gaylord!"

"You just short changed me $20 you god damned meatlicker..."
by K9GUY June 02, 2009

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Ball collapse is an unfortunate and painful affliction experienced my men after intense sexual release.

This mallady is characterised by reduced teste girth and a dull, painful aching sensation which has been known to radiate deep into the pelvic region. In extreme cases ball collapse has caused nausea in some individuals.

In extreme cases ball collapse can last for up to 24hrs, along with its unpleasant side effects. If further ejaculation is induced during ball collapse the most common result is a small coughing sound being emitted by the penis, followed a whispy puff of smoke being released from the penile 'eye'.
"I totally smashed that 19yo hard in the ass on Thursday night, and she couldn't get enough! I gave it to her twice, and wanted to keep going, but I will be god damned if I didn't get ball collapse."

"I just got the latest Victoria's Secret catalogue, and I've been beating my meat so hard I've cum like 4 times today! I can still get a hard on, but it hurts too much to wank because I've got ball collapse."

"I fucked her throat so damn hard I came with the thunder, and it was so intense I got instant ball collapse...I had to go have a lie down."
by K9GUY June 02, 2009

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A term that is strictly used as a description of a uniquely frustrating and difficult personality type, and NOT as a racial slur.

Typically, WOGDUMB describes a person who displays at least one of the following personality traits:

- Despite an obvious lack of intelligence, the person exhibits total belief in their mental capacity and/or clarity of thought.

- Is so dim that they are actually not capable of realising how dim they truly are.

- Has absolutely zero self awareness about the fact that their own words often totally invalidate their own opinion, or whos words effectively argue a viewpoint that they are opposed to.

- Is incapable of becoming, or even attempting to become, more informed or better educated through logical or factual discussion.

- Manages to accidentally butcher their chosen language by improperly using common or colloquial sayings, without realising they have done so.

- Is totally devoid of any understanding of the subject on which they speak, contrary to their own strong belief otherwise.


- Ricky, of Trailer Park Boys

- Guido Hatsis

- George W. Bush

- Paris Hilton

- The Gotti Boys (TV series family)

- Pauline Hanson

"Jesus that bloke is so WOGDUMB!"

"Poor, simple, WOGDUMB bastard..."

"If he/she was any dumber they would be WOGDUMB."

"That chick I dated last week was mad hot, but totally WOGDUMB...it could never work between us."
by K9GUY June 01, 2009

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