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All of you who write crap about Sage are stupid. you are just writing that because you either know you could never go there or you are doing poorly. i for one love sage and think it is the best place. the education is great, the teachers rock, the people are awesome, and arts are good, and the sports do really well. yes it is a hard school, but that is to be expected when you decide to attend. so get over it. i love sage and none of your crap will change that so don't instill a fallacy about Sage because it rocks!
Sage requires work but it is a lot of fun with great people and teachers and opprotunities!
by K-dub January 24, 2005
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When someone says everything is "gongshow" or that your living the "gonger" when in fact there are only 5 people and your more sober than the virgin Mary.
Shut the fuck man your totaly palmering it..Fuck this isn't gognshow bitch
by K-dub October 31, 2004
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When a females on her game. All dolled up.{fine as fuck}
Did you see Kandis last night she was lookin right.
by K-dub April 22, 2005
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