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The greatest Progressive Rock band that ever existed.
RUSH made songs such as Tom Sawyer, YYZ, Spirit Of Radio, etc.
by K Man August 17, 2003

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Under-age girl
L Man: "Hey K Man, I just touched Simone's boob"
K Man: "But L Man, Simone's 15 years old, she's such a spundy!"
L Man: "Yeah, cool huh?"
K Man: "Not when you're 22"
by K Man September 04, 2003

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Head job, blow job
K Man: "Hey bro, Nicole just gave me jobbers!"
L Man: "Oh dude, I like jobbers"
by K Man September 04, 2003

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Same Move Every Time

Yes, this IS what it means emphatically and without a doubt.
Usually perpetrated by close friends who wish they could be a "gamer" like you (ME) and pull off moves they can only dream about before squirting in their sheets.
See also S.M.E.F.T. & S.M.M.E.T. !!!!
Slight variation on original, usually thrown around a room when said friends (Colski) multi-tap buttons in a mad frenzy trying to defeat opponent looking very stooopid and Flid-like.
Colski: Hah I beat cha ya butch !!! (panting frantically as if running from the KKK in Georgia, not noticing that fingerprints have been burn off and game-pad has been melted into a new shape)
K Man: Well what do you expect when you use the button constantly ? SMET muthafucker SMET !!!
by K Man February 17, 2004

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