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abortion, when a baby is near birth
Mary had a near birth experience.
by k March 19, 2004
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To make nervous or to worry.
Listen, kid. Stop giving me odgeda.
by K February 14, 2005
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Botch is the hair in between your sack and your ass.
Crabby, Afro
by K May 20, 2004
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one who cannot beat my crash score on burnout2
ben, you are a choad.
eat choad, you choad.
I hope u die....choad.
by k August 02, 2004
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Asian sales staff trying to pass of discontinued products at full price so they can pay for medical college.

Also see medic.
Man, those chumps on tottenham court road are a bunch of hagglers.
by K December 17, 2004
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noob from m] who's user id number is in the 14000s.
stfu 14k.
by k December 07, 2003
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A thing you smoke flavoured tabacco and weed out of. its indian or something
im gettin me some hubbly
by k December 11, 2003
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