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1. Often misinterpreted as a bad characteristic, crazy is used to describe people that are random, hyper, creative, and flat out fun to hang with.(adj.)

2. Used to describe someone with serious mental issues that often effect their interaction with other people. (adj.)
Example 1
Guy1: Aren't you friends with Nicki?
Guy2: Yeah, she's crazy.

Example 2
After the police finally caught up with her, she was tranquilized and admitted to the mental hospital. Friends of the victims said they always suspected she was crazy.
by Jynxed June 09, 2008

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Someone who can only be described as a mix between a spazz and dinosaur because of their stupendous awesomeness
Usually spazzes-out in the middle of crowded areas, dead silences, so on. Will start random conversations that have nothing to do with what was said beforehand. Pretty much, the greatest friend someone could ask for. ^^
Could also be described as a ditz or ditzy
General Conversation with a Spazzasaur

Person1: Hey, how do you think you did on that test?
Person2: I don't know.
Person1: It seemed pretty hard. Like that one-
Person2: Can apples think? What would they think about if they could? I bet they'd think about smart stuff, like why goldfish are gold but they're not really gold its more of an orangeish shiny color god I love shiny things don't you OMYFUCKINGJESUS!!!THERESABEE!!!!!GETAWAYGETAWAYGETAWAY!!
(dead silence)

Person1: ... what?
by Jynxed March 17, 2009

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Someone that cares about our beautiful home, aka Earth, and tries to do all they can to protect it. Often will recycle, use eco-friendly products, and chain themselves to trees.
Some are also vegitarian or vegans.
Not to be confused with hippies, which usually will smoke marijuana and wear lots of tie-dye.
Though some think of it as a offensive phase, many ecofreaks see nothing wrong with the term.(n.)
Anyone that gets annoyed when they can't find the recycling bin... which makes me an ecofreak
by Jynxed July 16, 2008

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1.) someone who is a MAJOR flirt but not quite a slut, usually a girl. Will often wear skanky clothes, flirt with tons of guys at once and "steal" boys from their friends or other girls.

2.) a flirty and/or bitchy person. Once again, usually a girl.
God, did you hear about what happened with Brandon and Shannon? She is such a f-ing flut.
by Jynxed October 27, 2009

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The pairing of Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki from The manga/anime Bleach by Tite Kubo. Ichigo is human that can see ghosts. Rukia is a shinigami, or death god, and give Ichigo her powers when she cannot continue fighting so that he may save his family. One of the more popular pairings from the series. It's main rival pairing in the series is Ichihime.

Alternative use: stubborn or close-minded.
Although many supporters are reasonable and intelligent individuals, as with most religions, there is an extremist group in the mix. Some Ichiruki shippers, feeling threatened by the possibility of Ichihime, began to resent Orihime Inoue's presence in the series. They started Orihime Hate groups, and would assault Ichihime supporters through unprovoked and irrelevant internet comments about how stupid and worthless Orihime is (often slaughtering the English language and grammar rules). Where Ichihime fans would try to reason and peacefully settle the differences between the two groups, Ichiruki fans would respond by insulting their intelligence and denying any possibility of a different opinion on the subject.

Supporters of this can be violent and abusive with their beliefs, and use logic such as "Rukia punched Ichigo. She's hiding her feelings with violence. She must love him." Oddly enough, most of these people do not punch, kick, or physically abuse their partners. They must not love them.
There are many examples of "Ichiruki moments" throughout Bleach.

See that incredibly high number next to the "thumbs down" button? That's because crazy Ichiruki fans will look up both Ichihime and Ichiruki so that they can vote down on anything that opposes their beliefs, while voting up what ever definitions they find acceptable.
by Jynxed May 19, 2011

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