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The uppermost area of skin on the thigh, just before the vulva.
I wasn't sure how far she was going to let me get, but once I hit her shad I knew there was nothing between me and her bottomsucker.

There's no anticipation like the feeling you get when you're at her shad.
by JustTheTip August 05, 2006

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When two naked white men put their cocks on either side of a naked Brazilian man's cock and touch them together. The resulting visual looks like a hotdog.
Raul: ...Guys I'm so ready for tonight!!

Ryna: Did someone say Brazilian hotdog!!

Ron: Whammy!!
by JusttheTip May 23, 2016

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The act of trying to grow facial hair for an extended period of time with the result being a barely visible patch of Joe Dirt style boy fur.
Annie: Did you see that boys face?
Amy: Yeah that's Ryan and he's trying to be a hipster but only has a little Whitebeard's Delight to show for it.
by JusttheTip July 08, 2014

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When a guy and a girl are having sexual relations but remain "bros." They do things such as helping each other with other love interests and just chill out together.
"Why don't you date her?"
"No, man, we're just tip bros"
by justthetip December 07, 2012

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