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To try to clean your shirt or any other article of clothing using a wet cloth or even in more desperate situations, spit & your finger. Used when you need to get rid of a stain (or at least make it so it's not so noticeable) real fast & on the fly.
"John got a pasta stain on his shirt & dipped his napkin into his glass of water to try to clean it"

"Matt got this big ass lasagna sauce stain on his shirt! Looks like he gave it a quick man wash cuz it's not as noticeable as it was at first"
by Just The Facts September 17, 2006
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Black version of a peeping tom. Since blacks generally are not as well off as whites financially, they have no access to fancy telescopes and binoculars. Peeping Tyrones usually use much simpler and cheaper forms of peeping such as pretending to be blind and "accidentally" sneaking into the woman's locker room.
I heard trey perverted ass got banned from the gym the other day for wandering into the woman's locker room acting like he was blind. Everybody know that nigga ain't blind. What a peeping Tyrone!
by Just The Facts December 04, 2016
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To perform extremely well in something and subsequently fall from grace with such amazing speed it makes one's head spin.

Originated from Eddie Murphy's performance in the excellent "Dreamgirls" to his current piece of shit film "Norbit"
How does one go from one great movie to such a shitty movie so quickly?

Joe used to be the leading scorer on this basketball team...now he puts up enough bricks to build a shelter for the homeless. This nigga pulled a Norbit, BIG time.
by Just The Facts February 25, 2007
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A chad is a Middle Aged dude who lives in his mothers basement and likes to give free candy to kids. Overall he's an prick
by Just The Facts March 29, 2020
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A dude who forgets he's a man and criticizes men for literally everything they do. It's impossible for him to manspain because he gives off big pick me vibes and most likely girls were mean to him when he was little. He also can't take criticism which is why he has limited comments on all his posts (I don't hate Jorobe btw. He just seems like he does what can get him the most validation)
Jorobe be like: Both of these people assaulted a kid but I'm only going to talk about the guy
by Just The Facts September 10, 2020
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A group of people who fall in line under the leader or head of a particular group; Groupies. Often times, the members perform many sexual acts on each other (man on man AND female on female or vice versa), while enjoying the many fringe benefits of following the group leader.
Being in the inner circle has many benefits. I get to give Joe Budden head AND get his newest tracks before anyone else does! HA HA! *wipes cum off chin*
by Just The Facts December 20, 2005
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Music service provided by Apple for use with the Apple iPod. Also a useless, piece of shit program with a somewhat limited amount of platforms supported (Only for Win XP, 2000 & Mac, Win ME & 98 users are left in the dark). Also a waste of time considering you can download music for FREE using programs such as Limewire or WinMX.
John: Hey, wanna go grab something to eat?
Fred: Nah, gots no money left. Spent it all buying songs off iTunes.
John: I told yo stupid ass to use Limewire. Oh well, it's yo dough...
by Just The Facts March 20, 2005
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