4 definitions by JunkyRhythm

twing is a male ruler of the twitter kingdom or a male who thinks they are the ruler of the twitter kingdom.
Rick told the twitter community to stop tweeting about the issues, who died and made him twing
by JunkyRhythm June 2, 2009
Twism is when the prefix "tw" is added to a word that has been created, or coined out of the growing use of twitter and the nomanclature that is being created.
You just said, tweetheart and that is a twism.

Have you heard the twism,tweetheart?
by JunkyRhythm May 19, 2009
A person that does a great job tweeting via twitter.

Someone who uses twitter a lot.
by JunkyRhythm April 3, 2009
Any given Sunday when something salacious is bound to be revealed.
Tonight on 60 Minutes I’m expecting a stormy Sunday episode.
by JunkyRhythm March 25, 2018