5 definitions by Jrock77420

What you call a sexy girl with fuck me eyes that loves to give you that look but other than her looks, she is kinda a bitch.
"You see Pretty Eyes over there at the bar? We used to date, nice to look at but what a fucking bitch."
by Jrock77420 February 22, 2018
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The act of spreading apart your toes for the pleasure of someone with a foot fetish to watch
Do a sexy fucking toe spread girl
by Jrock77420 August 5, 2018
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In this case it is what you call a girl to demean or degrade her for your own sexual gratifications.
Well hello there good looking. You look awful stupid today bitch.
by Jrock77420 August 6, 2018
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A larger than normal areola which surrounds the nipple and is a major turn on for some people.
Yo man, you seen my Jessica's tits? Areola 51 for sure. Fucking gorgeous bro!
by Jrock77420 August 5, 2018
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To run your fingers between a girl's toes as if to be fingering
I was fingerfucking my ex's feet while we watched a movie. She had some fingerfucking feet forreal
by Jrock77420 August 5, 2018
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