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To Respect people before you get to really know them. It means that you Respect whatever people have to say, but don't necessarily agree with their points of view. If you "prespect", you should never act disrespectful towards others opinions, but you can discuss if they are correct...
Example #1: "I don' really know 'im, but I'm def-in-a-telly prespectful before dis meetin'."
Example #2: "I'm fulla prespect fo' Obama."
by JonyALB March 28, 2010
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Krook'd or crooked is to get drunk or high, juz' to forget all the trouble and stress in your life... A homeless alcoholic is often Krook'd, because of all those problems he have to deal with, and also because he's nuffin' better to do...
Example #1: "Mayn, is juz' needa get krook'd..."
Example #2: "Stop zneepin' so much and get krook'd if your life really is that bad...!"
by JonyALB July 19, 2010
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Zneep means juz' the same as bitch. I heard Zneep in Lil' Wayne - "A Milli (Snoop Dogg Remix)" on YouTube. The song is censured, so Wayne can't say bitch, so instead it's changed to something that sounds like "Zneep!" I figured, why not use Zneep instead of bitch?
Example #1: "Damn', I hate a shy Zneep!"
Example #2: "Zneep-Ass Ho!"
by JonyALB June 25, 2010
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"Ros" means crew or squad. It's another term for home-boys. "Ros" is the bros, you really can count on. "Ros" has origins in Denmark, and where spoken by Guest Workish in the song "Adios Amigos". Nowadays used in All-Blocks to describe who are closest connected...
Example #1: "Don' fron' me or my ros!"
Example #2: "Party wiv da ros on friday, Ah'Ait?!"
Example #3: "Nah, it's da wrong ros, mayn..."
by JonyALB March 22, 2010
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To get dissed or insulted, so you can't answer back... Origins All-Blocks in Denmark. Sometimes said as "Drigged, Mama, Drigged!"
Example #1: "Damn', boy! Ya juz' got drigged..."
Example #2: "Drigged, Mama, Drigged!"
by JonyALB February 21, 2010
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