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That time in the evening when the internet slows down because of all the married men starting their evening's porn viewing
"Dammit, the internet's slow as fuck!"


"Fuck it is."

"Fuck it, wanna fuck?"

"Yeah, I won't get anything done online now anyways."
by JonathanTM March 06, 2012
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A food product used as a less costly and thus more profitable alternative to legitimate meat. Composed largely of material to provide real estate for seasoning to give the sensation of meat.
The fact is that the containers in which the taco meatmud arrives to their establishments is labeled as "taco meat filling," which is exactly how it should be labeled in all advertising and packaging according to the USDA. (Diaz, Gizmodo.com)
by JonathanTM January 25, 2011
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a shitty strategy to get somebody to rent a place... fuck I hate morons
No pet

No drug

No smoking inside unit

No lough noise

Reference require

^from an ad on craigslist for a room in Hongcouver, the canadian capital of engrish
by JonathanTM July 25, 2009
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