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The latest, greatest craze among Jihadist suicide bombers. Developed by Al Queda, it involves packing your rectal cavity with a pound of plastic explosive + detonator.
That middle eastern guy is walking very slow and looks uncomfortable. He might be packing an ass bomb.
by JohnnyBunch October 02, 2009
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a term used to describe an overzealous construction worker's state of mind when pouring concrete. Usually characterized by irritability, yelling, and generally unpleasant behavior.
The foreman is being a total douchebag today because he has concrete fever.
by Johnnybunch January 23, 2009
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When you bang a chick on your boss's glass-top desk, leaving an obvious buttprint.
One year at the Christmas party, somebody gave the vice-president a Brownstown Buttprint.
by JohnnyBunch January 06, 2009
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A new game of ever increasing popularity that is the direct result of the advent of camera phones. It involves taking a photo of your latest fecal creation and sending it to a friend (or enemy). The picture sent must be of your most recent bowel movement. There are no poop-tag-backs unless the reciever can produce a significantly more impressive sculpture of excrement. Extra style points are given if the reciever of the picture message is on a date, in a meeting, at church, etc.
Poop-tag!...You're it!
by Johnnybunch May 13, 2009
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