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A long running, once popular Sport Utility Vehicle produced by Chevrolet. The Chevy Blazer enjoyed much success alongside the Ford Explorer and also Dodge's early attempts to cater to the outdoor enthusiasts that wished for a comfortable, multi-passenger off road capable vehicle. Throughout it's life span, the Chevrolet Blazer endured many style changes and upgrades. Unfortunately for the willing and naive American public, (myself being one, twice!) Chevrolet just stopped caring about quality parts and dependable automobiles 15 years ago and began outsourcing their plants to Mexico and other countries, so as to avoid the "mafioso" tactics of the UAW (Union of Auto Workers). Chevy notably relied on their "All American" attitude in the past, and tries to continue suckering the American public to this day into buying shit, defunct quality automobiles, such as their Blazer model. The Chevy Blazer roughly lasts 100,000 miles and then it begins to literally fall apart at the seams. Even religious drivers that spend money on fluid flushes and extra maintenance during routine oil changes are victimized by the gas guzzling, money sinking Chevy Blazer, and General Motors obviously couldn't be happier. Of course, GM isn't the only person at fault in all of the Blazer's catastrophies, the UAW with it's selfish business demands and continued hiring of lazy, unmotivated, bottom feeding ex convicts is mostly to blame, for their uncaring attitude clearly shows in their production element. The Chevrolet Blazer may go down as one of the worst built, cheaply manufactured automobiles in history. Great sympathy should be given to the poor, gullible souls stranded out on those American highways in subzero weather trying to locate a tow truck for their worthless, already broke Chevrolet Blazer.
$24 million dollars a day is what GM is losing every single day due in part to shit production and gas guzzling operating from the Chevrolet Blazer.

Please, abandon or destroy a Chevrolet Blazer and buy Toyota if you want to actually be able to afford food.
by Johnny hates NOVA April 12, 2006
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Throughout history, the "Indominable Spirit of Man" has harnessed many epic, great things. Electricity, the Wheel, firearms, and numerous others too easily mentionable. One thing that man has harnessed that negates itself and diminishes the creativity and genius of man is Marijuana. More specifically, one who feels the need to escape from their everyday life or society at large is commonly referred to as a "pothead" or "weedhead". Pathetic in nature, having a lack of real social skills, and influence are common reasons why people feel they need to smoke dope, or weed. A "doper" is a person in society that cannot function on their own, and needs a crutch to escape their anxiety or pressure with something. Many times relying on the good nature of an increasingly tolerant society, dopers escape their pathetic lives for a few hours of being hungry, lazy and non-motivated because in truth they are too afraid to confront their problem head on and solve whatever it may be, or they are simply too weak to actually do anything helpful about their "problem" that they may have to escape from. Dopers are usually found on street corners, trying to sell or pander to other easily influenced dopers or problem cases to gain profit for their next "fix". A day is not a day unless a doper ravages their senses with the pungent stink of marijuana, and often times beyond the slums and ghettoes of America, dopers can be found in redneck bars, rap concerts, welfare lines, low income housing, and Sublime cover band concerts in local dive bars. Because more and more prisons are full, more dopers are allowed out on the streets so that they may take advantage of the generosity of others and infest high schools with their lazy attitudes and non-existent work ethics. Dopers are an unnecessary part of society that prides itself on conversing slowly, sitting still on couches, and in general, not really bothering to do anything besides strum guitars and surf.
Dopers are an unnecessary part of society.

Dopers should be thrown in jail.
by Johnny Hates NOVA March 29, 2006
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