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A type of arousal that specifically targets the mind and intellect.
Person 1: "It looks like that chick is trying to seduce the guy through sapioarousal. She seems to know that he likes it when people think he's smart."
Person 2: "I just hope he realized it before it's too late!"
by Johnny Gaye June 20, 2018
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A kind of orgasm induced by a sense of overwhelming intellect and cerebral superiority possessed by oneself, either factual or imaginary. Unlike sexual orgasm which is achieved by arousal of sexually-sensitive body parts, sapiogasm is mostly achieved by arousal of the mind, especially the intellect.

Also, different from sexual orgasm which could be induced by oneself by means of masturbation, to achieve sapiogasm social acceptance is an integral part of the whole experience, since group affirmation is one of the key defining factor of sapioarousal. See also: Mental Masturbation.

When one achieved sapiogasm, typically one will experience a mixture of feelings, with positive ones including joy, exhilaration and acceptance, with often accompanying less positive feelings of entitlement, narcissism and snobbery. While in most cases sapiogasm is relatively harmless, the individual(s) that is indulging in this type of orgasm for too long might fall prey into the Dunning-Kruger effect, in which one's perceived intellect and/or brain capacity might not be totally in-line with one's actual competence and capabilities.

Note: Not to be confused with Sapiosexual, although those who claimed themselves to be sapiosexuals might be the ones who are the most willing to induce sapiogasm to others, as they might find the perceived intellect of the subject matter is worthy of being aroused, mostly by compliments and adoration.
Person 1: "The other day, my friend wrote an article which received thousands of likes and shared hundreds of times on social media. He got a sapiogasm not long after he saw the numbers."
Person 2: "Oh yeah, I heard about that, congratulations to your friend!"
by Johnny Gaye June 20, 2018
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