4 definitions by Johnny Doeb

1. Slang for Ketamine
2. Cereal brand
1. "No hesitation, no delay, you come on just like Special K"
2. "Boy these Special K's are tasty"
by Johnny Doeb January 26, 2023
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A millennial way of saying "recently"
I was today years old when i kissed a girl. Guess what? She liked it
by Johnny Doeb February 12, 2023
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Acronym which can stand for either "Fuck my life" or "Forever My Love"
Taking it as saying Forever My Love: "girl, you'll be fml"
Taking it as saying Fuck My Life: "my girl dumped me so fml"
by Johnny Doeb October 20, 2022
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evry is a short way of saying or a typo of "every"
"evry me, and evry you, evry meeeee"
by Johnny Doeb December 3, 2022
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