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to perform sexual intercourse. when you are fuckin shit so hard your guts aare beatin together
shit i beat guts with that beezy last night!
by Johnathan February 24, 2005

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Also known as a furry animal
Having a set of boots that are 100% Grade A Genuine sturch fur.
by Johnathan January 10, 2005

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when you score a fine ass girl you just got a medal.
that's another medal in my trophy case
by johnathan February 16, 2005

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To passionately hug someone. Somewhat like a "glomp", yet more intimate (and sexual =^^=). See sexual and glomp
I thought I'd just play around with her a little, but she pulled me into an ingrink as soon as I started, and before I knew it, we were in the bedroom!
by Johnathan August 19, 2004

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To break stupidly.
To break without thought or care.
To break a item of wealth exetremly carlessly
A fat retared looking child whi cannot breath through his mount steel peoples hair cuts wears stupid glasses and plats with electronic devices and preteneds to talk on his self phone with other people but only his mom
DUDE why did you RG you phone?
DUDE i RG my laptop
by Johnathan June 01, 2004

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The team around which www.talksox.com revolves.

It also happens to be the most storied franchise in sports history.
We talk about the Red Sox online.
by Johnathan June 13, 2004

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Northern English slang term for "Dinner"
"Ey up, your dinnie's ready"
by Johnathan February 14, 2005

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