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A male who fathers a child with a women and refuses to support the child or be a part of the child's life.
"Thats just my Baby daddy"

"In the New Superman movie, Superman is Lois Lanes Baby Daddy."
by JohnPatrickMCP September 27, 2007
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Accidentally sending a text, instant or chat message to the wrong person.
"dude your text said you wanted to rip my panties off?!?!"

"Sorry bro it was a misfire."
by JohnPatrickMCP September 20, 2008
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Online gaming term for attacking players of a much lower character or skill level than you in Player vs Player combat. Usually to increase ranking with an assured victory.
If you want to increase your pvp ranking just start poaching some n00bs.
by JohnPatrickMCP May 27, 2008
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