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1. One of the greatest albums ever recorded.
2. A very good song that is one of the ten best in the career of Prince Rogers Nelson.
3. A mildly retarded and plotless movie that was essentially a long-form music video of the album.
I bought the Purple Rain soundtrack so I could hear the song Purple Rain and the eight other immaculate tracks that got me to watch that entire piece of shit movie.
by JohnJF February 16, 2008

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To become very popular as a result of (retarded) post-9/11 sentiments due to your title, be caught breaking the rules by illegally taping private information, and then become resented far later than it should take by gullible Americans. Also called a "George W. Bush."
The New England Patriots are cheating cunts.

During his term in office, George W. Bush pulled a New England Patriots.
by JohnJF February 17, 2008

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A man who, like Selena, was a good and talented person who unfortunately has a crappy fan club.
"Jesus is just all right with me."-Doobie Brothers
by JohnJF February 17, 2008

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An unoffensive black man whose popularity with suburban white kids/housewives is only equaled by Wayne Brady. Later in his career, he established himself as a decent actor but may be ultimately remembered best for inoffensive pop-rap (even my mom told me I could listen to him growing up, but I wasn't that big of a pussy) and "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air", which is kind of like the Cosby Show, except it was only watched by white people.
Will Smith is a castrated version of Ice-T and Ice Cube.
by JohnJF April 10, 2008

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A use phrased by countless politicians, celebrities, and television/radio hosts to justify any stupid thing they ever say. While occasionally something is taken out of context, it is mostly ridiculous.
Critic: "How could you possibly claim that you want to rape and murder every single minority in the country?"
Douchebag: "I did say that, but it was taken out of context."
by JohnJF August 08, 2008

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A team that has won one World Series, but due to the massive inferiority complex of the fans towards the St. Louis Cardinals, this fact is mentioned more than the ten Cardinals World Series wins (including 2006) combined.
Cardinal fan: So I see that the Kansas City Royals are in last place again. I hear that so-and-so from USC would be a good number one pick for you guys, though.
Royal fan: Remember '85.
Cardinal fan: No, I do not remember 1985, seeing as I wasn't born, and you were not born either.
Royal fan: Remember '85.
Cardinal fan: Okay, fine, take 1985. The Cardinals have won ten championships. Nine more than you guys have.
Royal fan: Remember '85.
by JohnJF October 06, 2008

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A band consisting of the ugliest men to ever live on Earth.
It's a good thing Supertramp had such good music, or they would have never gotten laid.
by JohnJF April 21, 2008

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