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A defecation that requires mass force to expel.
Oh man, I can tell this one is going to be a real grumper.
by John Clever November 27, 2002
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Shithole city located in the high desert outside of LA unundated with less desirables of all races. Also, known as "The Armpit of Southern California".
Personally, I'd rather live in a crackhouse by USC than live in Palmtucky.
by John Clever September 09, 2005
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A big ass black chick!
Bro, I was so wasted last night I hit a fuckin' mamazon!
by John Clever September 06, 2005
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A thumb in either the anal or vaginal orifice while in the doggiestyle position.
I might have married the bitch if she had been down with the hitchhiker.
by John Clever March 19, 2003
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