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code name for nailing
Dude: You know what babe, I could go for a great romp session right now...

Girl: Not tonight Im tired.

Dude: Well then, do you think that when we wake up, we could "insert tab A into slot B"?

Girl: Why dont you start with the cereal box first...
by Joeybats December 10, 2009
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A diagnosis for when someone uses the wrong word or phrase when speaking but casually continues on as they don't even know they've used it incorrectly or that they've just made a new contribution to the English language. This is usually followed up with the opposite party involved questioning the word/sentence (silently at first to actually appreciate what just took place), but then typically followed up with public ridicule. This is much funnier when its someone in the spotlight. Sarah Palin and George W. Bush are notables who have suffered from this condition.
Sarah Palin on Fox News: "...the President and his wife - you know the First Lady - spoke at NAACP so recently, they have power in their words... They could 'refudiate' what it is this group is saying."
Pundit (silently): "WTF?"
Pundit (silently): "I don't think thats a word, but I better go look that shit up. If I even try to 'refudiate' that without the proper proof, Im going to be the one who gets 'Lynchburged'"
Pundit: "Oh yes, I see your point and totally agree with you (under breath: 'for now...you grammatically delusional bastard')"

George W. Bush: "There's an old saying in Tennessee... I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee... that says, fool me once, shame on ...(pauses)... shame on you. Fool me ...(pauses)... You can't get fooled again."
Listener #1: "Doesn't he mean the old proverb: 'Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice shame on me.' ?"
Listener #2: "Yeah probably, but me must be suffering from a delusion of grammar again."
by Joeybats August 16, 2010
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The time after someone requests to be your friend on Facebook or some other social media site. This is a lag period in which the invitee receives the offer, contemplates, evaluates the person's looks, number of mutual friends, other hot friends, and general demeanor before accepting the request. This period is very similar to the "two day rule" when getting someone's digits. By stretching the friend request waiting period ever so slightly, it appears that you are not so desperate for a new friend addition.
Guy 1: "Yo I just became friends with this smoking hot chick other day. You should add her and look at her photos."

Guy 2: "Already tried to add her after I saw you became friends with her. She hasn't accepted my request yet."

Guy 1: "Damn. You must be in the friend request waiting period.... good luck with all that."
by JoeyBats August 17, 2011
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