The best damn director in the universe. He created Snake Plissken, Jack Burton, the greatest 80s synth scores and outdid Howard Hawks...twice.
John Carpenter needs to do another film with Kurt Russell.
by Phantom Definition Writer November 9, 2005
1) American film director, producer, writer, composer, and sometimes actor, known for the Halloween and The Thing films.

2) Contestant on the US version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, who won the grand prize without having used any Lifelines (but using Phone-A-Friend only to have his father on the line to hear him win the million dollars). Who says a bespectacled bookworm-looking person can't be badass?
1) John Carpenter is one of the best horror filmmakers alive.

2) John Carpenter doesn't need any Lifelines to make WWTBAM his bitch!
by Trey4Life January 20, 2012