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1) Someone who won't leave you the fuck alone until you give them something for free.

2)A hobo who bugs someone for change
1)That hobo's a damn moocher.

2)If that moocher doesn't leave me alone, I'm going to kick his ass
by Jim-Bob May 02, 2003
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To drop a log in the pan.
To shit in the toilet.
Jim: Wheres the toilet? I really need to feed the beavers!!
by Jim-bob April 09, 2003
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a person who wears jogging trousers and burbery caps. they also tend to drive novas
if you ever meet a pikey the most whitty comment there small uneducated little minds can think of is "Ya Mum!!"
by Jim-Bob February 14, 2004
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When feeding the beavers, a wall of logs is built, trapping all the water inside the dam.
(To block the toilet with an abnormal sized turd)
Jim: Hey Bob!!! Do you have a plunger? Theres a beavers dam up here!!
by Jim-bob April 09, 2003
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Cannabis Resin. Looks like shit, Tastes like shit, but gets you Browned/stoned.
Jim: I've got an ounce of the dirty brown stuff.
Bob: Man!!! I've told you to buy weed.
Jim: But this stuff is a cheap shitty alternative.
by Jim-bob April 09, 2003
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Play boy
Mike has PB statis.
by Jim-Bob July 02, 2004
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To get browned. Smoke Marijuana. Get stoned.
Jim: Want another Bong?
Joe: Nah dude, I'm totally browned!!!
by Jim-bob April 09, 2003
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