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a fuckin' long time.
When I say forever, forever is what I mean. A long fuckin' time.
by Jim Jones April 03, 2006

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A sex machine that knows how to pound the pussy, he is usually very chill and likes to smoke pot. He is very sexy and handsome. He has a very large penis
Girl: I was with an Ulmer last night
Other girl: I wish I could have been with him. Did y'all get high and get crazy
Girl: yeah we did it was crazy and amazing
by Jim jones February 08, 2013

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CA is way cooler than Kent so get used to it.
Kent Cant touch CA in sports.
by jim jones March 28, 2005

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A Republican who screamed bloody murder for a war with Iraq; but now that we don't have enough troops, has a million excuses for why they can't sign up.
Rush Limbaugh, Andrew Sullivan, Ann Coulter, the staff of the National Review, everyone at FoxNews, College Republicans, Young Republicans, etc.
by Jim Jones August 25, 2005

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Has something to do with Jesus Christ. You are not supposed to eat meat on this day.
Hey Sean, Today is Good Friday. Lets BBQ these fat ass T-Bone Steaks. Also, bring over those pork ribs. Thems is delicious!
by Jim Jones April 12, 2006

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to be lazy,to do very little work.
Guy 1: I only work for 6 hours this week.
Guy 2: Laze!
by Jim Jones January 11, 2003

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eating ass.
licking someones asshole
I love to soss salad in prison. It keeps me safe.
by jim jones January 25, 2005

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